Frequently Asked Questions

VitaPerk is the smartest thing that ever happened to coffee, so the intellectually curious want to know more. Here are some of the questions they’ve been asking, along with the best answers we can come up with – after having our coffee plus VitaPerk.

Can I still put sugar, cream, milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, artificial sweetener or honey into my coffee?
Absolutely! VitaPerk is intended to be a healthy addition to one’s normal daily coffee routine. It can also serve as a healthy substitue to flavor one’s coffee without artificial ingredients and just a fraction of the calories of other popular coffee additives.

Will VitaPerk Unflavored affect the taste of my coffee?
No, VitaPerk Unflavored won’t alter the great taste of pure coffee.

Why would I add VitaPerk to my coffee?
Why not! VitaPerk takes coffee to the next level, with the vitamins and minerals your body needs, plus the great taste of our natural flavors.

How does VitaPerk make coffee “smarter than the average joe.”?
Coffee alone is just joe. VitaPerk makes it smarter.

Can VitaPerk be added to any coffee?

Can VitaPerk be added to other beverages?
At present, VitaPark is a patent-pending formulation that is intended only for use in coffee..

Is flavored VitaPerk manufactured with artificial ingredients?
No, all VitaPerk flavors are natural.

Does VitaPerk dissolve quickly in coffee?
Yes, within seconds of stirring VitaPerk into your coffee, it will be ready to enjoy. For optimum enjoyment you may need to further stir VitaPerk to blend any remaining minerals that may have settled in your coffee.

Why would I use VitaPerk if I already take a multi-vitamin?
VitaPerk makes taking vitamins convenient. Plus VitaPerk plus coffee is pleasant. Swallowing a capsule or pill is not – and 40% of adults agree.

How do I know that VitaPerk really provides the vitamin and mineral benefits described?
VitaPerk’s vitamins and minerals have been independently tested at an average coffee temperature to ensure potency.

How does using VitaPerk contribute to a socially responsible lifestyle?
With each purchase of VitaPerk, we donate a percentage of profit to Vitamin Angels.

What ingredients are used in making VitaPerk?
See the supplement facts panel.

Are the VitaPerk flavored products already sweetened?
Yes, in addition to natural flavors, you will also enjoy the benefit of a hint of natural sweetener.

How much VitaPerk flavored products should I put into my coffee?
Everybody’s palate is different, but we advise for use in 12 oz. – 20 oz., however we generally recommend flavoring to taste

How many calories are in a VitaPerk package?
Each flavored package contains 10 calories and each unflavored package contains 5 calories.

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