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About Us

Our Story

Our mission is to improve and combine two important facets of life: coffee and health. By combining essential vitamins and minerals important for daily health with the wide appeal of energizing one of the world’s most popular beverages, VitaPerk easily infuses health and wellness into your daily routine.

Our patent-pending blend of 15 vitamins and minerals is the result of years of research and independent lab studies to determine the most effective way to deliver maximum benefit to the average cup of joe. We believe VitaPerk is the best morning combination since cereal and milk, and we think you’ll agree.

As part of our commitment to improve the lives of others, we donate a percentage of our yearly profits to Vitamin Angels, the international charity that provides vital nutrients for infants and children under 5.

Our Team

Brad Kifferstein

Brad Kifferstein

Brad has been drinking coffee since he was young, and it never stunted his growth. He engages in a healthy & active lifestyle while on his quest to ‘PERK the World’ by working out daily despite a limited protein intake. He can’t bench press more than 112 lbs, but he can throw a football 60 yards. He hasn’t eaten an animal since 1993, but he eats plenty of nuts & berries AND uses VitaPerk daily.

Jeb Belchinsky

Jeb Belchinsky

Jeb has been main-lining coffee since his freshman year in college while plotting his future entrepreneurial ideas. He continued to be an addict of the morning caffeine buzz and searched for an easier way to smart himself. He has stayed a coffee addict and now continually smarts his habit every morning by adding VitaPerk. Bonus: he can FINALLY accomplish his lifelong dream of solving the Rubik’s Cube.

Brad Shanahan

Brad Shanahan

Although Brad’s love of coffee resulted in an ulcer while studying for the CPA exam, he’s remained a steadfast coffee drinker and rues the day he didn’t have VitaPerk to make passing that damn exam easier. When he’s not working on his quest to make coffee smarter, Brad runs marathons, skis, travels and tries unsuccessfully to keep his DVR at or below 98% full.

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