Frequently Asked Questions

VitaPerk is the smartest thing that ever happened to coffee, so the intellectually curious want to know more. Here are some of the questions they’ve been asking, along with the best answers we can come up with – after having our coffee with VitaPerk.

Will VitaPerk affect the taste of my coffee?

No, it will not alter the great taste of pure coffee.

Can I still put sugar, cream, milk, artificial sweetener, etc. into my coffee?

Absolutely! VitaPerk is intended to be a healthy addition to one’s normal daily coffee routine. 

Can VitaPerk be added to any coffee?

Yes! Even cold brew and iced coffee!

Can VitaPerk be added to other beverages?

At present, VitaPerk is a patent-pending formulation that is intended only for use in coffee. However, it can be added to other morning staples such as smoothies and hot chocolate. We are also hard at work in the lab to create more innovative ways to smart other food and beverages.

How many calories are in a VitaPerk package?

VitaPerk Original contains less than 1 calorie per serving.

Does VitaPerk dissolve quickly in coffee?

Yes, within seconds of stirring VitaPerk into your coffee, it will be ready to enjoy.

Should I use VitaPerk if I already take a multivitamin?

VitaPerk is not a substitute for any physician-ordered dietary or vitamin supplement. However, we encourage you to review the vitamins and minerals that make up VitaPerk. For the casual multivitamin user, the combination of VitaPerk and a balanced diet should meet the recommended daily values of many nutrients.

How do I know that VitaPerk really provides the vitamin and mineral benefits described?

VitaPerk’s vitamins and minerals have been independently tested at average coffee temperatures to ensure efficacy.

Is VitaPerk gluten-free?

Yes! And kosher-certified to boot!